Pro Tip: Under no circumstances should you EVER take an extended medical leave if you sit right next to me in the office. I will make you regret that surgery.

Not a creature was stirring, not even his mouse.

In case you were wondering how many rolls of Disney Princess wrapping paper it takes to completely cover a full size office chair, the answer is three. It takes three rolls.

We were asked why we didn’t wrap the Keurig. It’s because it doesn’t belong to the victim. Also because we are all severely addicted to caffeine. Coffee > pranks.

My coworker and fellow vandal Robert did one hell of a job on the phone. Robert also removed each memo, reminder, delivery menu, and Justin’s beloved 2016-2017 NFL schedule, wrapped them each individually, then pinned them back in place. The kid’s got potential.

It’s just so pretty…

It’s impossible to see in these pictures, but the thing I’m most proud of is individually wrapping each push pin then sticking them back in the wall. That and the floor mat.

This was well worth staying a couple of hours late last night.

Oh, and we’ve already got someone ready to go on the video. Expect a post some time Monday. And if any of you out there need help with a coworker’s office, call me. I have lots of free time and leftover princess paper.

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