Toys That Rock: The Rock Of Eternia

Presenting the multiverse’s most powerful supergroup: The Rock Of Eternia!

Joe Shazamtriani is playing “Who-Dey,” a custom Stratocaster-style solid body with reversed headstock.

Clever sunglasses by Chemo of Blüdhaven. Stage monitors, amplifiers, and line array courtesy of Barbie And The Rockers, the Cybertronian Academy For The Performing Arts, and the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Promotional consideration paid by Budweiser. Drink responsibly.

Mary Marvel appears courtesy of Fawcett Records.

Mezco Instruments Flying V courtesy of Domo. Capes and costumes courtesy of Divine Clothiers of The Rock Of Eternity.

Skeletor appears courtesy of Kid Stuff Records & Tapes, a division of IJE Music, Inc.

Echopark Albert 58 Flying V courtesy of Gabriel Currie.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are The Rock Of Eternia!”

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