The Sci-Fi Guys, Episode 7: “SFG-1″

It’s finally done!! Episode 7, our tribute to Stargate, is edited, burned, and as of 11:25 AM today, at the studio to be broadcast Tuesday! Click the pic to read all about it, and to receive your free SCI-FI GUYS BONUS FEATURE OF THE DAY!

God damn, this episode has severely tried my patience. About 7/8 of the way through the editing process, my hard drive crashed. It may shock and surprise those of you who know me to find that this angered me enough to write a short rant. Well, pick your jaws up off the floor, kids, ’cause Uncle Chris is gonna vent.

I edit here at work because much of the only free time I have during the day is in between fixing problems. It works out, but my computer here at work is a STEAMING PILE OF MAGGOT-RIDDEN GOAT SHIT. Its a Compaq Evo. I don’t know jack about Compaq – the company or the hardware – because this is the first one I’ve ever used. And by “used” I of course mean “had chained to my ankle as I was driven before the barbed, thorny lash of my evil slave masters and forced to trudge through my day dragging this fucking anchor behind me.

I hadn’t backed up the files because my DVD burner was giving me shit about burning anything larger than 2 gigs. Drafts of this show usually start out at 2.5 gigs, before effects or titles or tinkering, so I lost everything. I’ve worked since then to restore it, and its been a pain. It’ll be nice to put this one behind me. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the show, but this episode has given me problems since I started the damn thing. Due to Quentin’s on-again, off-again availability (it’s not his fault; dude has a wedding to plan), I’ve basically had to deal with this one, start to finish, all by my onesy, savvy? I’ll be glad to be rid of it.

That said, the episode turned out REALLY good. The episode is entitled “SFG-1,” and its all about Stargate and the billion and a half Stargate related franchises that have popped up since that movie made a mint. The main star of this episode is mine and Frog Boy’s little sista from anutha mista, Sci-Fi Girl. She and I hit a Stargate SG-1 convention up in Chicago last September, and her questions to Don S. Davis (Gen. George Hammond), Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), and Christopher Judge (Teal’c) resulted in some great footage. I’ve gotta hand it to her; the girl knows how to craft an interview question. We got to meet and hang out with the cast, all of whom were great to talk to and were very good to us. Totally worth the drive to Chi-Town; I would do it again in a second!

Oh, and one last thing… a little note to single sci-fi guys out there in interweb land: Stargate conventions are PACKED with ladies. I don’t know what the deal was, but this place was crawling with women. For all three days, I’d estimate the women made up 80% of the people there. Stargate-SG1 is a damn good show where women take an equal role without having to act like men or dress like whores, so I guess I can see how this would appeal to our gyno-populace at large. It was nice to see that many women turn out for a sci-fi convention, which are usually thoroughly male dominated gatherings. Thank you, ladies; it was a blast!

Give my regards to King Tut, asshole,

PS – As a reward to all of you who have waited so patiently while I took my sweet ass time putting this show together, I give to you this extra special, super-duper, Criterion Collection, limited edition, happy-time, Easter egg.


Turns out I was wrong all along; the world finally has undeniable PROOF that not only is there an all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-benevolent god, but that he/she looks down upon me, of all people, with the sort of pure, divine adoration reserved exclusively for his/her most beloved and wondrous creation. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the teaser poster for the upcoming summer big-screen cinematic mega-hit blockbuster shit-your-pants-with-glee religious experience: “Transformers.”


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It’s 3:32 AM in Florence, KY right now so, since I’m up, it seems logical that the first place my sleep laden eyes would turn to would be the SciFi Guys website. I am pleased to say that I was one of the first people that got to take a look at this episode and it was awesome! Chris did a bang up job…I’m not even an SG fanatic and I liked it. He got some great footage, captured some really good dialog between SciFi Girl and the actors AND had some amazing interviews. I know he put a lot of time into it…it shows and it’s appreciated! SG Fans should enjoy it…alot!


Jen (aka) Colonel J. Erickson

Hey there.. I am Comin From Pegasus galaxy.. I never knew this place existed I am DEFINENTLY adding it to my favs. 😀 Wow I would really like to hear more on the transformers sounds coolio 😀 😀 Stargate epi 7.. pretty sweet.. 😀 😀 sounds awesome..

Cant Wait! -Jen chow

Last edited 3 years ago by Jen (aka) Colonel J. Erickson

I beg to differ with the description of the Pegasus Galaxy which is NOT repeat NOT the end all be all for Stargate. Gateworld is.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly this week said it perfectly.

The site has a pipeline into the producers, cast, and operations of both SG-1 and SGA. So, while Pegasus Galaxy is fun, Gateworld is definitive.

Catch my articles and all the news at!


Sam's Sister

As a staff member of Pegasus Galaxy, let me just say thank you for the lovely words of praise, Chris. It’s gratifying to hear that what we’ve striven for — a friendly, helpful, informative environment — has come across that way to you.

We have never claimed to be the largest SG online resource and certainly don’t claim to be “the be all and end all” of Stargate information. We know that there are many wonderful sites and each has their unique take on the fandom. I particularly appreciate Gateworld’s comprehensive nature and up-to-date news. That’s a tough thing to keep up with in this busy world, as those of us at Pegasus recognize. And the last thing that any of us at Pegasus would want is anything that could be perceived as unfriendly rivalry. We pride ourselves on being open and friendly to all.

Thanks again for the kudos; we’re glad you are enjoying the site.

Jen (aka) Colonel J. Erickson

Sorry.. It took a LONG time reply.. busy.. so what everyone was talkin about Gateworld and Pegasus.. personally i perfer Pegasus more because like you said people are respectful and kind there.. and although they Don’t Update as much as i wish they would erm used to anyway 🙂 I still prefer it.. Gateworlds also seems to run extremely SLOW on my computer.. no idea why.. but i do go there.. I am surprised that, the thought of Pegasus being one of the largest stargate site.. well thatz cool if people think thta.. 😀 I remember I joined it because of this funny Daniel/Teal’c con that i THINK U ChibiSam did.. 😀 😀

But actually MY perferred Stargate site is actually 😀 tells me all i need to know about my favorite actor/character .. 😀

Corky(aka) Sci-Fi Girl

Hey , i got a great website for you guuys to check out. Jen, i got this from your michael shanks website that you posted. here is a list of conventions for stargate sg-1 and atlantis, go to this website, . it is a list of past and future conventions.past also come with pics. check it out, and kepp your geek goin’ 😀

Jen (aka) Colonel J. Erickson

yah i luv that site….:) seen it all though… i have seen everything on that site so far…:D check out te multimedia.? tatz good stuff…:D there are a couple cons and intervews in there as well…-my geek is always goin….is yers?-

Corky(aka) Sci-Fi Girl

yep my geek is always on!! 🙂

Jen (aka) Colonel J. Erickson

Always good…. ^_^


Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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