The Paradise Syndrome

This guy just had one of the most surreal, awesome nights of his life. Not Shatner, I meant me. The only thing that could make this night better is some old school Star Trek, so I’m watching “The Paradise Syndrome” right now.

There’s really nothing that old school Star Trek can’t make even better. It’s like extra tasty nerd sprinkles on the hot fudge sundae of life.

2021 UPDATE: I have no recollection of writing this. I remember nothing about the night in question. But I wasn’t wrong about old school Star Trek. I rather like this mysterious little nugget of positivity. Have some pictures to go with it. I hope your nights are as good as mine apparently was. And listen to some Clapton while you’re at it. It’s a toe tapper.

Eric Clapton - "Pretending" [Official Music Video]

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