The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition, Episode 22 – Pumpkin Week

Welcome, once again, to The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition! This week we carve up my favorite gourd to bring you Pumpkin Week!

Remember when I said my last quick write up would hopefully be my last? Nope! Let’s go!

Mark made his Impossible Pumpkin Pie. All of the ingredients go into a food processor and separate into a crust and filling in the oven. It was very coconutty.

This was my Pumpkin Butter Bread made with locally sourced, handmade pumpkin butter I picked up at an orchard in the mountains of Tennessee. Ok, that’s a lie. Replace the word “orchard” with “gas station.” But all the other words are true. Unfortunately the extra sweetness of the pumpkin butter made this thing stick to the pie plate so badly each piece was mangled before I could serve it.

Dan made Pumpkin Lasagna. It was awesome! I never would have imagined how well the flavors of pumpkin and toasted Italian cheeses would compliment one another. But I was the only one who voted for it because the other bakers hate innovation and joy. Ok, that’s also a lie. Dan’s lasagna really was delicious, but they voted for Mandy because Mandy’s dish was amazing.

Look at that! This is Mandy’s Pumpkin Roll. It was impressive. Or, as she herself put it, “That’s a tight ass roll.” So tight ass that it won her the title of this week’s Star Baker! Well done, Mandy, and thank all of you for joining us! Be sure to tune in next time when we all try to replicate Mandy’s success during Swiss Roll Week!

Until next time, bon appétit!

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