The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition, Episode 16 – Cocktails Week 2: Refreshing Summer Drinks

Welcome, once again my friends, to The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition! This week our intrepid bakers put down their oven mitts and picked up their mixing spoons for our first ever sequel episode. Join us as we cool off with some potent potables in Cocktails Week 2: Refreshing Summer Drinks!

This will be the second of my incredibly short writeups, since I have a lot of bakes backlogged and I need to get them posted. So here we go!

Mark cooled us off the old La Habana way, with a Mojito featuring his own homemade syrup using mint he grew himself. ¡Muy impresionante!

Dan gave us his Blackberry Jam Cocktail, a very British tasting gin drink that made me feel like I should be wearing a monocle and waistcoat. Cheers, old boy!

There was no tequila in my Sweet Pink Fuck. I just thought it looked pretty in the bottle.

I was feeling creative so I came up with a drink of my own invention. Taking inspiration from Ash vs. Evil Dead, I mixed up a blend of cherry moonshine, sugar free fruit punch, and crushed caffeine pills. I call it Sweet Pink Fuck. Unfortunately there is no ketamine to be had in my booze. Sorry, Ash. But I love the way it looks in the light!

Last but not least is Mandy who mixed up the single best Strawberry Daquiri I have ever tasted. Her method of blending fresh strawberries with daquiri mix produced something that tasted like candied strawberries and boozy ice cream. So good!

In the end Mark and Mandy tied, so it was up to Dan and I to determine the winner. It became clear that Mark and Mandy had too closely matched each other this time, so we left it up to fate. Mandy chose even numbers, Mark chose odd, and we rolled a die.

Congratulations, Mandy, on being this week’s Star Baker! Join us next time as we perform culinary science experiments on ourselves for Miracle Berries Week!

Until next time, bon appétit!

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