The 5mm Post: Lanard Toys City Hunter Predator

See that little post on the Predator’s leg? That the mount for its smart disc, and if that’s a 5mm post, then this figure is a source for a Transformers compatible Predator weapon. Let’s check it out!

“There’s your killer. Wonderful, isn’t it?… Ten years ago, one of his kind stalked and eliminated an elite Special Forces crew in Central America.”

First thing’s first, I’ve gotta say this figure is much better than I expected. Lanard Toys has made some decent stuff over the years, but they’ve made a whole lot more crap. So when I heard they got the Aliens and Predator licenses, I was confused. Who the hell would want Lanard making their action figures? But for a seven inch figure that retails for $10, I’m not finding a lot to complain about.

“The concept of what you’re dealing with is way over your head. I’m warning you…”

I generally don’t like seven inch figures. There are just so many excellent six inch figures out there that making them out of scale seems idiotic. It messes with my playtime mojo. But the seven inch scale actually works better for Predators, which are meant to tower above normal humans. Even big ass Frank Castle is small compared to these guys. A seven inch Predator is a perfect fit for six inch action figures. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Let’s talk about that disc.

“Remarkable weaponry.”

Of all the Predator movies released in 1990 starring Danny Glover, Predator 2 was definitely the best. And one of the standout things about Predator 2 was the array of new alien weapons it introduced. And if my Transformers can use one of those weapons, so much the better. That post you see on the Pred’s leg is why I got this guy. It just looked so promisingly 5mm-ish behind that beautiful clear plastic. But as much as I’d love to be able to say I can eyeball a 5mm post or port, the truth is it’s impossible to be sure. Normally the prospect of gaining a single Transformers compatible weapon wouldn’t be worth the price of an action figure, but for $10 and a Predator figure, I was willing to risk it. So how well did I guess?

“This is dread, mon. Truly dread.”

Well, goddamn it. As I’ve stated before, when you measure with digital calipers, you don’t always get the same measurement twice. So you have to take multiple readings and average them. And these readings all tell the story of a 4.5mm post and port for that disc. I tried the combistick in the 5mm closed fist of a Construct-Bots figure, just for shits and giggles, but no dice there, either. Son of a bitch.

Final verdict: there is nothing 5mm compatible about this guy. But get one anyway. To own the Predator that killed Bill Paxton, $10 is a bargain.

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