That’s A Shame

Stop telling anti-vaxxers to get vaccinated. We need them to die.

I attempted to be humane during the first round. I encouraged masking and vaccination. But reason and humanity have no effect on these people. So I not only hope they die, I actively root for it. And I celebrate it when it happens.

I keep a list here if you’re interested. Click the pic to check it out.

Enyart, whose Real Science Radio Show website railed against what it described as the “imagined” burden of COVID-19 cases on hospitals, offered advice on treating the virus from the Bible, and accused “fake news” outlets of exaggerating the severity of the virus—had opted against getting the vaccine, citing the nonsensical claim that COVID-19 vaccines rely on “cells of aborted babies.” Enyart was also at the center of a legal battle against the state last year over coronavirus-related restrictions in places of worship. He successfully sued to shut down capacity limits and stop mask mandates in churches. I’m glad he’s dead.

This may be my favorite one yet.

Normally I’d slap my customary response to this particular image, but the more I read about this the more I find it difficult to pin the blame on this girl. She was a child encouraged at every step by her parents to act in a manner detrimental to her own safety.

Her mother claims to be a nurse and her father claims to be a physician’s assistant. Yet they saw fit to give her a Trump touted antibiotic which has no effect on viral infections. She had cancer and a compromised immune system since she was two years old, and her parents purposefully exposed her to a known deadly viral pathogen during a well documented pandemic. Then, when it was clear that she was very sick, they refused to take her to the hospital for a week, instead giving her the Trump touted hydroxychloroquine without consulting a doctor, and for which it appears she did not even have a prescription. When she had an adverse reaction to hydroxychloroquine, they still did not seek medical attention, but instead hooked her up to her grandfather’s COPD oxygen tank. Only after that didn’t work did they seek outside help.

Her parents, by their own admission, are guilty of practicing medicine without a license and denying their own child lifesaving medical help at every step of her illness. They should be arrested. There is no part of this tale that is not homicide. This girl was sacrificed as part of a right wing political and religious stunt. The church and her parents are culpable, and I find it difficult to blame the girl for her own death. She was a minor who was deceived at every turn by the people she trusted and who are legally responsible for her wellbeing. I get no satisfaction from her death.

Make no mistake about what happened here: this girl’s parents killed her in an attempt to both deny the seriousness of the pandemic and create a praiseworthy spectacle on which they could hang unwarranted praise for Donald Trump. They killed their daughter to do it. When they are tried and sentenced to the harshest possible punishment, I will GLADLY attach my smug, satisfied sarcasm to their misery. But I won’t do it to this kid. This was tantamount to murder.

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