Chris versus “DC versus Marvel,” Part Three!

At the end of our last DC versus Marvel article I told you I would give you an in depth review of Amalgam Comics and the conclusion to the big DC/Marvel crossover. But I warned you that I was tired and it would be a “long damn while.” Well, that was sixteen years ago. I’m all rested up now. What do you say we finish this thing? And this time, you can read each comic in its entirety. Progress!


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I couldn’t sleep so I spent the night researching beta decay and neutron superfluids and writing a brief dissertation verifying my assertion that Thor’s hammer cannot be made from the material in a neutron star.

As I was finally drifting off, just about five minutes ago, I was awakened by a parade of several hundred children in brightly colored baseball uniforms marching as teams down my street, leading fire trucks with lights flashing. But not the main thoroughfare; this parade was on my shitty little side street. Alright, universe, you wanna get weird? Let’s get fuckin’ WEIRD.

42.3 Pounds

I have a few problems with this. First of all, this is a ridiculously long video for an answer we had in the first few seconds. Thor’s hammer weighs 42.3 pounds. That is the answer. Everything he says after that is irrelevant.

2022 UPDATE: Confession time: I have no idea what video I’m referring to here. Past Chris failed to leave a link, that shiftless, inconsiderate bastard. But his science is solid. Probably. I haven’t checked it. God damn it, I haven’t changed one bit…

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So grateful to be alive on this beautiful Sabbath, sharing in fellowship and worship in praise of His might and glory. Amen!