Friday Night Videos presents… Rush, “Red Barchetta (Live In Canada, 1980)”

Originally released on the 1981 album Moving Pictures, “Red Barchetta” is an excellent example of musical science fiction, and is hands down my favorite Rush song. It is typical of many Rush songs in that it explores issues of liberty and personal freedoms through metaphor, in this case, the metaphor of an illegal drive through a dystopian future landscape in an outlawed vehicle.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Everybody!

Holy double crisp Valentine chocolates for me, Batman! KA-POW!

“I don’t believe in destiny or the guiding hand of fate. I don’t believe in forever, or in love as a mystical state. I don’t believe in the stars or the planets, or angels watching from above. But I believe there’s a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love. And make it last…”