The current LEGO meme suggests that all kids should play with all colors of LEGOs. Couldn’t agree more. Men, put your money where your mouths are. Pink it up. Some Kroger stores have the pink buckets on sale for as low as $6. So no excuses.

There are plenty of Lego sets marketed to boys, which I find problematic. And a very few specific Lego lines marketed to girls, which I find even more problematic. There’s no reason a girl can’t play with any of those sets “for boys.” Nor is there any reason a boy can’t build a malt shop. It’s not the themes that bother me. It’s the marketing.

Mega Orthanc

There’s no easy way to draw attention to one’s own creations without sounding at least a little like a pompous ass, so instead of trying to avoid it I’m just gonna dive in headlong. HEY, EVERYBODY, LOOKY WHAT I MADE!!

Yep, it’s Lego Orthanc. Well, really I should call it Mega Orthanc, since easily 99% of this is made from the far-superior-for-castle-building Mega Bloks Dragon Wars bricks. To give you a sense of scale, I’ve got 10 foot ceilings, but it’s standing on an 18 inch tall table. I’d ballpark it to be in the seven to seven and a half foot range.

Sci-Fi Girl and I built this a couple of years ago and it’s been smashed up in a big Rubbermaid bin for a long time. I finally got it back together in something very much like its original form. The pics aren’t that great, so just look at them and then sprinkle on about 30% more awesomeness in your head. That’s what it looks like in real life. Sprinkles of awesomeness.

Click the pic for a closeup of the top. If you look really closely, you can see the tiny Gandalf trapped up there. Only don’t look too hard because I’m 100% lying. The only thing up there is dust.