From The Archives: Star Trek Publicity Photos

These were stowed away in a random folder buried in my backup files. Apparently Past Chris had decided to write an article about them, but left no clues as to his thought process. I have to assume that the previous me was waiting for inspiration that never came. Well, Past Chris, your wait is over. Let’s get these published.

“Where No Man Has Gone Before”

48 years ago tonight the first episode of Star Trek aired. Spock wore gold, Scotty wore peach, and Captain Kirk’s middle initial was R. Still, I gotta say, this was one hell of an episode. One of my favorites.

I’m watching this episode as I write this, and I am cracking up. I forgot how much Spock yells. Every status update and order confirmation on the bridge is shouted like he’s in a room full of loud machinery. Which he isn’t. It wouldn’t be so hilarious, but NONE of the other actors are playing along. Not one. He’s just shouting in a room full of people talking normally.

“Space chess, bitches. I gots the brain skillz.”

Kill Me, While You Can | Star Trek: The Original Series - Where No Man Has Gone Before

Episode 6 – “Warp 11″

The Sci-Fi Guys: Episode 6 – “Warp 11″ is finally completed. I just verified the finished DVD burn, and at a final running time of 28min, 48sec, we are ready for air! This is the first episode I have ever edited digitally (Quentin, if you ever stick me with editing again, I will KILL you), and is also the only episode to date that none of us are in; besides the opening montage there is not a single frame of footage of any of us anywhere in the episode.

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