Chris versus “DC versus Marvel,” Part Three!

At the end of our last DC versus Marvel article I told you I would give you an in depth review of Amalgam Comics and the conclusion to the big DC/Marvel crossover. But I warned you that I was tired and it would be a “long damn while.” Well, that was sixteen years ago. I’m all rested up now. What do you say we finish this thing? And this time, you can read each comic in its entirety. Progress!


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Six feet wide, nine feet tall, made entirely of Lego. Two of the most impressive builds I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay hands on.

I talked to the charming, gorgeous girl who worked together with her father to make these. They independently verified that the purple pieces required for the Batman cover were 20,000 tiny 1×2 plates which had to be specially ordered from the Lego Group. Twenty goddamned THOUSAND. That’s well over $2000 in parts alone, before shipping costs from Denmark. And that was just for the purple pieces. Building something like this is not in my current budget. But thank you all who suggested I build one for the misplaced faith in my disposable cash allotment. 😉

Also, my phone’s camera is pretty shitty. These things are FAR more impressive in person.