I’ve had my Kia for three years now and I just noticed this. No wonder these cars last so long. This is the way.

A Colorful, Lawless Swamp

Every few years there’s a story in the news about a kid in Florida being eaten by an alligator, and every few years it occurs to me that maybe people should stop taking children to a sweltering, primordial swamp filled with hungry, man-eating dragon lizards.


After watching Hayden Christensen marionette his way through two movies of bad dialogue, the ending of Episode III still surprises me. I forget that this skinny, whiny asshat is supposed to be Darth Vader. Physically, behaviorally, and emotionally there is such a disconnect between weaselly Anakin Skywalker and the bad ass Lord Of The Sith I grew up with. Every time I’m reminded that Anakin and Vader are the same guy, the movie falls apart as badly as it did the first time I saw it. Bad casting doomed it from the start.