Dan has more Dark Knight pics

The Dark Horizons website has images from the new Batman movie The Dark Knight. Here are a few. Enjoy.

Thanks to

for the pics!

2021 Update: I couldn’t tell you if these are the original pictures Dan found. Same old story: incomplete backups, Wayback Machine doesn’t have the images, and Dark Horizons has a text only copy of their article online. Looking for other sources for the pics reveals that Warner Brothers really did go on the offensive around the time we published these pics, and lots of the bigger sites note that they were instructed to remove them. Smaller sites like sci-fi-guys.com flew under their radar, and fortunately a handful of them remain active. These were the pics I could gather. Sorry, Dan, this was the best I could do.

Chris reviews Campbell’s The Batman soup

Like most of my more interesting purchases, this is one of those things I knew I should throw in the shopping cart before I thought about it too long. If I’m not careful, the adult in me will take over and ruin all sorts of fun. So when I saw this on the shelf, I grabbed a can, ran to the checkout, tossed a handful of change at the cashier, and bolted. I was going to have my The Batman soup, by god, and no one was going to interfere… especially not me.

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