In Memoriam: Kevin Conroy

Batman is my favorite superhero, and Kevin Conroy’s is the only voice I ever cared about hearing when Batman spoke. Over the last thirty years, people around the world came to realize what fans of the DC animated universe learned back in 1992: Kevin Conroy’s Batman and Bruce Wayne are quite simply the finest interpretations of those characters ever filmed. Kevin Conroy, more than any actor before or since, understood what made Batman loveable, what made him scary, and what made him human. We loved him when he was kicking ass, but we loved him even more in his moments of weakness, when he was being suffocated by the doubts and pains of a life of violence and grief and, ultimately, hope. When a new Batman animation or video game was revealed, the first thing I listened to was the voice. If it wasn’t Kevin Conroy, I lost a lot of interest. As a late comer to the Arkham games, I put the Arkham Asylum disc into the console with skepticism. Then, to my shock, I heard Kevin’s voice on my television. The next day I went back to the store and bought the entire Arkham series. THAT is how much Kevin Conroy brought to this role. Many actors have played the Dark Knight, both before and after. And some were quite good. But I sincerely doubt that I will live to see another actor surpass him. Today we lost a legend.

Kevin Conroy, November 30, 1955 – November 10, 2022

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Chris versus “DC versus Marvel,” Part Three!

At the end of our last DC versus Marvel article I told you I would give you an in depth review of Amalgam Comics and the conclusion to the big DC/Marvel crossover. But I warned you that I was tired and it would be a “long damn while.” Well, that was sixteen years ago. I’m all rested up now. What do you say we finish this thing? And this time, you can read each comic in its entirety. Progress!


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In Memoriam: Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried, February 28, 1955 – April 12, 2022

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham so I can hear Gilbert as Mr. Mxyzptlk one more time.

One-Sentence Reviews: The Batman

The movie was great, the music was great, Gotham was great, Catwoman was PERFECT, and Robert Pattinson was surprisingly fantastic as Batman, but the frail looking, overly angsty goth boy they got to play Bruce Wayne could have used a little work.