Huge props to Fox19 for taking a massive multi-million dollar fireworks display, an event that looks good from virtually any vantage point, and managing to film it in the very least interesting way possible. I particularly enjoyed the repeated shots of darkness with flashes of light offscreen letting us know there were explosions not being filmed. I only wish there was an award for shittiest local news.

‎You Are Cordially Invited…

For anyone interested, next Saturday at the Rosenthal Center For Contemporary Art in downtown Cincinnati, I will be giving a lecture on the legal, historical and socio-economic importance of marriage as viewed through the cross-cultural, multi-ethnic lens. Also, there will be a humorous anecdote.

Per Jon: “You mean the Richard and Lois Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art. Don’t fuck it up.”

Thanks for the clarification, Jon. I would have hated it if someone had mistaken it for some OTHER Rosenthal Center For Contemporary Art in downtown Cincinnati.

Flora & Zen

Just attended a Japanese Buddhist chant ceremony and living tree sculpture exhibit at an abandoned church, then headed to the Conservatory to enjoy the bonsai and try pawpaws for the first time in my life, then had tacos filled with spiced pumpkin flowers. What an awesome day so far, and it’s not even 4 PM yet.

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Asshole Jihad

I swear to Lucifer and all the dark minions of Hell, if the motherfucking Jets go to the Super Bowl, I will personally fly to New York City and mule kick 44 random strangers straight in the anus. You hear that, New York? YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!