Ghost Sign

Occasionally my job requires me to be in Cincinnati in the wee hours of the morning. Not long ago, as I was leaving our downtown site just after dawn, I spotted this blast from the past on a nearby rooftop. In case seeing this made you feel old, I’ve got some good news: Shillito’s went out of business in 1986, which means this sign has been exposed to the elements, unretouched, for at least the last thirty-seven years. All things considered, it’s held up pretty well. So you’re probably doing better than you think.

The Feast Of Saint Patrick

If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s being a stickler for old world traditions. And if there’s a second thing I’m known for, it’s my faithful consumption of the foods one is expected to eat on the feast days of Catholic saints. But if there’s a third thing I’m known for, something deeply, intrinsically me, it would almost certainly be lying, ’cause I don’t do any of that other shit. Let me show you how we do St. Patty’s Day, Cincinnati style. Also, I created another holiday cocktail you can only find here at The Sci-Fi Guys. Click the pic and get your green on!

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In Memoriam: Captain Windy

Wanda Lou Kesler Lewis, February 2, 1926 – August 17, 2020

I don’t often feel fortunate to be aging, but feel very fortunate to be old enough to remember Uncle Al and Captain Windy. Sounds like she had a long, full life.

Babes In Toyland

I’ve had a great deal of cold medicine in the last forty-eight hours, so maybe this isn’t real. Sweet Christ, I hope it isn’t real. But, deep down in the dark, secret places of everyone’s soul where no one talks about, I know it’s real. And you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime.

Drew Barrymore Keanu Reeves - CINCINNATI ( uncut )

If your definition of the Christmas spirit is watching Keanu Reeves act so badly that an eleven year old Drew Barrymore upstages him, and watching the grizzled old dad from Empty Nest try to fuck a fifteen year old girl, then you need to drop everything right now and watch Babes In Toyland (1986). Come, my friends. Join me in hell.


Watching Cincinnati local news is exactly like watching a parody of bad local news, but somehow shittier. Local 12, you suck all the dicks. All of ’em.

They are reading texts and tweets from viewers. Literally looking down at a phone and reading live on the air.