Halloween 2020: Chris resurrects the Slime Pit!

What do you do if it’s almost Halloween and you need to slime some action figures, but you can’t find your Masters Of The Universe Evil Horde Slime Pit? If you’re Chris, you gather up some spare parts and build your own. This is our first new Halloween article in quite some time, and it’s a big one. So come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab… it’s time to get your goop on!

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Poor HIV is over in the corner, waving meekly, as if to say, “I’m still around. Remember me?” AIDS has become the Val Kilmer of modern plagues.

Batman Day

Dropped by the comic shop for Batman Day, played a little Batman trivia, and walked away with over a hundred free comic books and a couple of deck boxes! Not too shabby for a Wednesday afternoon. Here’s wishing you a dark and vengeful Batman Day! Support your local comic shop, and they will support you!