Systematic Weakness

This is how it starts, by quietly eliminating those who keep watch. The next step is passing laws that make it illegal for anyone else to watch in their place. This will happen, and soon. The United States may take a long time to die, but the mortal wound was inflicted in 2016. And I no longer believe that anyone is really interested in trying to save the patient.

“Had the House not changed course, Congress would likely have adopted a rules package today that would have gutted OCE, the independent body created in 2008 to investigate corruption and misconduct by members of Congress. The office would have been renamed the Office of Congressional Complaint Review and would be nestled under the House Ethics Committee. The new body would have been unable to make any of its findings public or to refer them to law enforcement without approval.”

And before any of you super sensitive Trumpflakes whine in the comments section, this is not about Trump. This is about Congress. Trump isn’t even in office yet, so he had nothing to do with this. I’m sure he’ll have his share of sinister shit to answer for, but this wasn’t his doing.

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