“Smiles, everyone! Smiles!”

What if the island from Fantasy Island was a source of incredible paranormal energies and Mr. Roarke, its caretaker, was tasked with directing those energies in a constructive way? What if we assume that Mr. Roarke was somehow removed from that island when the show was canceled in 1984? What if that raw power was left to fester, directionless and untamed, for 20 years, until the island itself formed a rudimentary, malevolent intelligence? What if, in a twisted mockery of how guests used to arrive, the island used its powers to cause a plane to crash there? And what if this dark new intelligence, incapable of seeing that Roarke had used fear and irony to help his guests, simply mimicked Roark’s outwardly sadistic approach, using its powers to terrify and confuse the survivors of the crash, until it was ultimately revealed that there was no underlying logic or reason to any of the torments they had been forced to endure? Wouldn’t that have been a far more satisfying conclusion to Lost than the one we got?

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