Pandemic Response

Because Republicans are fucking OBSESSED with Obama, many of them are now throwing up the 2009 H1N1 epidemic as some sort of defense, asking if H1N1 was Obama’s fault. While this is idiotic on all of their usual levels, it somehow seeks to equate criticisms of Trump’s failure to address the crisis with this new, imaginary accusation which no one has ever made that Trump somehow started COVID. Well, fucktards, no one ever said that, but since we’re bringing Obama up, here’s how his administration handled things in 2009:

April 15: First human infection of H1N1 detected in California.
April 17: Second human infection of H1N1 detected in California about 130 miles from first infection, with no known connection to previous patient.
April 18: First H1N1 infections were reported by CDC to the World Health Organization (WHO) through the U.S. International Health Regulations Program.
April 21: CDC publicly reported the first two U.S. infections with the new H1N1 virus and began working to develop a vaccine.
April 22: CDC activated it’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
April 23: Two additional human infections of H1N1 were detected in Texas, transforming the investigation into a multistate outbreak and response.
April 24: CDC uploaded complete gene sequences of H1N1 to a publically-accessible international influenza database.
April 25: The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency of international concern.

TEN DAYS. TEN FUCKING DAYS from discovery to a fully gene sequenced virus and announcement of an international health emergency. TEN DAYS. China reported coronavirus back in December, and your worthless Republican administration denied, mocked, and deflected because your cult leader – and let’s be clear, that’s all he is – your cult leader told you to. So, by all means, keep bringing up Obama. There are thousands more examples how he was better than your idiot. And for all you good Christian Republicans who are headed to church this morning, good. Breathe deep. Linger a while. Shake every hand you can. Be sure to give those awkward, stiff-spined, WASPy hugs and kisses. I hope you spread a lot more than the love of God. We need to get rid of as many of you fuckers as possible.

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