On The Subject Of Online Tests

I was checking out the site of our latest active commenter and saw that Anniina had taken an online geek test at innergeek.us. I’ve got nothing but free time at work, so I hit it like an infidel. My score was 58.57988% – Extreme Geek. Got a button that says so and everything:

would have posted the results on her site, but since she doesn’t allow anonymous comments (boo! boo! rubbish! filth! boo!) I had to put them here. Besides, this is where you can Get Your Geek On™, so I had to show that we are, in fact, authorities on the matter.

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I am also an Extreme Geek. I scored a 55.6213%


Alas, I am merely a Major Geek: 38.65%


I took this test. I’m a Major Geek (39.25049% – Major Geek). Slightly more geeky than Dan. I like that.


Does it make you feel magically geeklicious?

I’m surprised Mark, that you didn’t score higher…way higher. So surprised, in fact, that I’m a little suspicious of your results. I demand you take a retest!!


Hey, I heard that! boo hiss right back atcha 😛


Anniina, good to hear from you again! It’s been a while.