Name Calling

Motorcycle “clubs” don’t want to be called gangs. They want to have territories, carry lethal weapons, violently defend those territories against other bikers, peddle meth and heroin, bully business and communities, have shootouts in public, and rape and murder at will. But it’s all good. It’s just a “club.” Just like little kids in a tree house. Perfectly harmless.

The gangs down in Waco said they don’t want to be called gangs because they do charity work. Well, who fucking cares? Al Quaeda distributes food and water to poor communities. It’s part of their recruitment process. Guess what? They’re still terrorists. Doing a few nice things to generate the appearance of righteousness does not negate, forgive, nor justify chronic criminal behavior. If they’re going to behave like gangs, they need to be called gangs and treated like gangs, and exterminated.

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