“…maybe you don’t wish to give offense, sir, but you are giving it pretty thick.”

Now that gay is cool I’m getting pretty sick of authors retconning characters as homosexuals. Could you be any more pandering? First Dumbledore, then Golden Age Green Lantern, now whomever from the dragon training movie. If you want to have a positive gay character, write one. Write a competent, intelligent, morally upright character who is openly gay and secure in his or her sexuality without being defined by it. Don’t tack it on years after the fact when it’s safe. Take a risk and stand for something, you fucking pussies. I’m not even gay and this insults the hell out of me.

And it’s always a supporting character that gets outed, you ever notice that? Never the lead. Here are a couple of retcons I would cheer for: Tony Stark or James Bond. They’re witty, well dressed, stylish, affluent men. That’s at least 50% gay right there. Write into their histories that the reason they are such notorious poon hounds is classic overcompensation for repressed homosexuality, and they have reached the point in their lives where they have the internal comfort and confidence to accept themselves for who they are. THAT would be standing up for gay equality. THAT would be a bold show of support for gay people as well as a show of confidence in your character and audience. THAT would be a gay retcon I could respect. And that’s why it’ll never happen.

2022 Update: Chris here, and I’m pleased to announce I have been proven wrong. I can happily report to you that DC has made Tim Drake, the current Robin, officially bisexual. A high profile character coming out of the closet as bi is a good move which makes sense with the story. Having it be a male character shows guts. But having it be a high profile male character with an active role in an ongoing series is dedication. Now THIS is a retcon I can support.

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