Mark reviews Perfect Creature

Mark here, roving movie reviewer for The Sci-Fi Guys (if by ‘roving’ you mean sitting on my ass on the couch), with a new movie on which to report. Click the pic to read more about the alternate reality vampire thriller Perfect Creature.

For those of you that know me, you know I love vampire movies. And unlike many other people I don’t worry about it being a “good” movie to watch it. In fact, I may be crazier than a shit house rat (my new phrase of the week…I love it!) but, the worse the movie is the better I tend to like it. So, in the spirit of Halloween and for vampire lovers everywhere, I suggest you check out the move Perfect Creature.

Allow me to paraphrase the movie jacket: In this movie set in an alternate world where vampires live peacefully among people, a crazy ass vampire named Edgar begins feasting on flu victims. Sent by the Brotherhood Church of the Vampire to capture Edgar, some guy named Silus uncovers the creature’s chilling secrets. There is a moderately attractive woman as the police chief who helps Silus hunt down the bloodsucker in Nuovo Zelandia, an alternate dimension of 1960s New Zealand…

Now, this movie was actually pretty entertaining… it turns out the Brotherhood (vampires) is an all male offshoot of humanity that were embraced as spiritual saviors BEFORE people went wacko and killed them all, thereby dooming the existence of vampires to myth and legend (just like OUR world… seriously… vampires were real once… I feel it in my crazy bone). They serve as monks/priests/scientists in this alternate world. Influenza is running rampant, genetic engineering has been outlawed, and they have cool flying dirigibles. Think gothic steam punk mixed with Jack the Ripper. It reminds me somewhat of Adrian Paul’s The Breed, which is another pretty good vampire movie.

If you do a Google image search with the entry “perfect creature,” exactly 14 quadrillion versions of this image show up. Click the pic if you don’t believe me.

Another cool thing about this movie is you get to see tiny babies with tiny vampire fangs. How cool is that? I bet breast feeding would decrease dramatically if babies were born with tiny razor sharp fangs… just a guess, though!

How about some people posting on here some of their favorite vampire movies? I need something else to watch… I’m running out of the damn things!

On another note, here is a cool website to go to for Halloween. It’s got ideas for do it yourself Halloween projects from costumes to rat cakes to green lantern rings (all the basics). Check it out:

Well…that’s it for me. Mark your roving movie guy is OUT!

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