Make Monsters, Not War

Not pictured: science fiction

When I pay for a giant robot/monster movie, I want to see giant fucking robots and/or giant fucking monsters. I don’t give a fuck about the military. Outside of showing bullets and missiles bouncing off robots/monsters to show how tough they are, or watching the occasional tank get crushed under a giant foot, the military has no place in my kaiju/mech entertainment. You’re wasting my time and money.

If you’re the kind of director who gets all wet for men in uniform, Michael Bay, then you should take your tiny little Army/Navy boner and make a war movie. There’s a shit ton of people who will line up to see those. Don’t make a movie about soldiers with a monster that shows up twice just to justify your stupid fucking camouflage and artillery circle jerk. If you feel the need to spank it to a war movie, just make a fucking war movie. Get your military fetish out of my goddamned science fiction.

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