Love & Guitars: Whiskey Bravo

“You should never underestimate the importance of country in rock ‘n’ roll.”
– Keith Richards

This is my country girl. I call her Whiskey Bravo.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but I put her in nylon strings. I strung them like steel strings, which you’re really not supposed to do, but she and I made it work. Besides, she’s well worth the effort. Because no matter how tough she is, no matter what she does to live, thrive and survive, sometimes a girl needs to be a girl. She needs to be dressed up. She needs to know she’s appreciated. She needs to feel sexy. And there’s nothing sexier on a woman than quality nylons.

She’s not a full size acoustic, but don’t let her stature fool you. She’s got everything. Everything. She’s got a lower voice than you’d expect from a girl her size, but it’s mellow and smooth, like buckwheat honey. Dark and sweet. She sings like rich Southern molasses, the kind of voice you can listen to for hours and never get enough. This lady is sonic opium.

I keep her strung Keith Richards style, five strings, nice and loose, ready to rock, or croon, or bend some country twang. Or maybe just sing the blues. Whatever mood strikes . Like Keith said, “she got a mind of her own, she’s one of a kind, and she use it well.” Yeah, mighty fine… she’s one of a kind.

She’s named after one of the most beautiful, amazing… you know what? No. She’s far too special, and I’m far too greedy to share. You don’t get to know about this one. This one I’m keeping just for me.

1977 Yamaha FG-335
6-String Jumbo Dreadnought
December 22, 1977
TOP: Spruce laminate
BACK & SIDES: Mahogany laminate
NECK: Nato (Eastern Mahogany)
FRETBOARD: Indian Rosewood, Mother Of Pearl inlay
BRIDGE: Indian Rosewood

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