Let’s put it in a way they can understand. Kentucky has 4.5 million people. About 100 MAGA snowflake crybabies protested the quarantine. Quarantines are the way we do things in America. If you don’t like it, you can fucking leave. 100 people is 0.002% of Kentucky’s population. In America, 0.002% doesn’t win elections. You don’t get to decide what is good for the other 99.998% of us. If you don’t like that, again, you can fucking leave.

A butthurt conservative with very poor reading comprehension commented that these people have the right to protest. True, but irrelevant. I never said they didn’t have the right to protest. I said they were snowflake crybabies. They don’t like the way we do things here in America, and they want us to change our way of life to suit them. Well, I say if they don’t like the way we do things here, they can fucking leave. The last I heard, Turkmenistan still hasn’t reported any COVID cases. I’ll happily buy any of these whiny, un-American pussies a one way ticket, my treat. If they don’t like the way we do things in America, they need to get the fuck out.

We have plenty of hard working, patriotic taxpayers here in Kentucky. We can easily live without those 100 losers. Grocery stores and restaurants are hiring here at an unprecedented rate to meet increased demands. If they can stand long enough to walk and protest, they can fill out a job application and stock shelves or work a drive through. Instead they chose not to work. I don’t call that supporting their families. I call them parasites. If they’re too lazy to work, they can get the fuck out.

A different butthurt conservative with very poor reading comprehension commented that I was unpatriotic because I didn’t support the Electoral College’s decision. I said nothing whatsoever about the Electoral College. I don’t even know how the fuck that idea popped in their tiny, little brain. But if you think people who dislike the Electoral College are un-American, then there is some evidence to support that claim.

I have also looked through a hundred or so pictures of the protesters, and none of them have signs that mention the President at all. Not one. I don’t think there was anyone there with those signs. I did find this excellent example of the intelligence of these protesters, however. Despite her lack of spelling skills, are we to believe that a registered nurse could not find work now, during a pandemic? Bullshit.

And this non-contributor who seems to think that any old piece of random cardboard with letters on it is a good protest sign is a fine example of the kinds of people protesting. The two on the left are able to lift their arms above their heads, while the one on the right is obviously able to carry a large load on his back voluntarily. These people could literally walk into any number of grocery stores and get a job as a stock worker TODAY. The only reason they aren’t working is because they don’t want to.

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