Halloween 2023: October 5ᵗʰ – Hogokids Halloween Party Favors

I found a super cheap Halloween countdown set from a manufacturer called Hogokids. It promised a number of little Lego compatible models, each suitable as a Halloween treat for kids who have dietary restrictions. Are they any good? Will I say that Hogokids Works With Lego? Click the pic and find out!

Despite what the box says, there are actually seventeen packs in this box. One of those extra packs contains a brick separator and a sticker I assume is intended for one of the builds. The other we’ll get to momentarily.

I grabbed what I thought were five random packs out of the box to check out for today’s article. I had actually picked up six.

I was using the instruction sheets as a visual to count the bags I had, so I didn’t realize that this bag, which has no instructions, was in my hands.

It’s just a bag of spiders. Fifteen well-made, Lego compatible spiders. No instructions needed, Just a nice little bonus to go along with the spookiness.

I picked the bags based on the colors of the pieces, trying my best not to look at the instruction sheets so I could enjoy the surprise.

This would be a nice little zombie build if it weren’t for the legs. These pieces are not well made. I haven’t tested it yet to see if the studs are poorly made or if, as I suspect, the tile pieces have no clutch. Either way, if you move the zombie with anything other than a feather touch, the legs just fall apart.

See that little printed piece on the bottom just to the left of center? That impressed me. This was a low budget item and I didn’t expect to see printed bricks. Very nice.

Okay, the printing is nice. The ghost model could use some refinement. I mean, it’s not terrible, and it actually holds together quite well. It just looks kinda stupid.

I was pretty sure this was going to be a vampire.

It is. A goofy-ass, cartoon vampire.

I have to admit, I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell this was going to be.

I also ran into these. Of all my years of building Lego and Legaux, these stumped me.

It turns out they are there to reverse the stud orientation. Place them in the bottom of a brick and that bottom becomes the top. Toy manufacturers have been coming up with different methods of reversing Lego stud orientation since the 1980s, but I think this is the most ingenious method I’ve ever seen. It reverses stud orientation and provides powerful clutch between two bricks without having any impact whatsoever on Lego geometry. And it comes with an easy to use Lego compatible rod to use as an applicator. It all works perfectly. I love these. I hope I can find more.

It makes an ugly piece of candy. This looks better suited to an Easter set or a set featuring the Joker than it does to Halloween. But it has those cool little orange reversing studs, so I’m giving it a thumbs up.

We all know this is going to be a skeleton right? No? Okay, spoiler alert. This is going to be a skeleton.

Shake, shake, shake – shake and rattle. Rattle them Dr. Bones!

So what’s the verdict? Does Hogokids Work With Lego? Well, if we’re judging by the zombie, hell no. But that issue was limited to the zombie’s legs. Everything else I’ve built so far, including the rest of the zombie, holds together fantastically and feels very well manufactured. So I’m actually going to reserve judgment until I put together some more of this set. Until then, here’s today’s Skull Of The Day!

This is Old Ben. But he’s new to me. Although I am a Halloween fiend and although it almost seems impossible that this is true, somehow I have never owned a skull candy dish. Until now. Old Ben is sturdy resin, so I’m fairly certain he’s waterproof, but I can’t vouch for that. But I can tell you he’s a welcome addition to my rapidly growing collection of skulls.

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

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