Halloween 2023: October 4ᵗʰ – From The Archives: The Ghosts Of Halloweens Past

Click the pic to see a collection of my misplaced and forgotten Halloween photos, some of which have not been seen for over twenty years!

The metadata says I took this photo in 2015, but the archive I pulled it from is significantly older than that. So I have no idea when or where this was actually taken. But it’s creepy as hell and it was in one of my old Halloween folders, so it lives here now.

These were left on the community snack/coffee table at my old job. There were only a few left, and they were DELICIOUS.

Early 2000s Halloween party, probably 2001 or 2002. This was my 1980s themed party and that heavy ass proton pack I’m wearing was 100% hand made.

I snapped this pic while driving past a local restaurant in 2019. I don’t know why I thought this would be of interest, but I’ve saved it too long to delete.

Ten-ish years ago, my cousin Heather and I hit a local watering hole and entered the costume contest as a Day Of The Dead bride and groom. We didn’t win, and I’ve never understood why. Heather’s candy skull paint skills were on point and no one else came even close to these costumes. I demand a recount!

Speaking of Heather, on the way to her house on Halloween in 2019, I took a wrong turn and found myself of this road. I thought that was a pretty fantastic coincidence. But the next intersection really blew my mind.

The gods of Halloween were watching over me in 2019.

This is how my work desk ends up looking at the end of every October. We had a Halloween version of Secret Santa at my old job, so I came in to find my already overcrowded desk filled to the brim with a wicker pumpkin full of treats, a vase full of black roses, skeletons a plenty, and, for some reason, a can of Spam. It was awesome.

This, however, was not. I promised Stacey, my Secret Scarer or whatever they called it, that I would make something with the Spam. So I made this. And I enthusiastically encourage you not to follow suit. It was fucking repulsive.

Speaking of my old job, 2015 was my first Halloween with the company, and I decided to make it an epic one. I had never before rented a costume. This was a real coat, and real headband, and real hat, and real leather boots, and it was REAL fucking hot. I don’t understand how people in the past survived this kind of clothing. It was awful. The coat was heavy as hell and I was burning up all day. And, again, I did not win the costume contest.

Shiver me timbers, I don’t know why I was asked to pose like this. But Happy Halloween to you all the same!

Today’s Skull Of The Day is “Skullcrusher Mountain,” by Jonathan Coulton. Enjoy!

Skull Crusher Mountain-Jonathan Coulton Storyboard Animatic

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