Halloween 2023: October 29ᵗʰ – Hogokids Halloween Party Favors, Part 2

Way back in the long ago times before I got the 21st century plague, I told you about a few of the Hogokids Lego compatible-ish Halloween party favors. My idea was to bring you these a few at a time, advent calendar style, but that’s not the way that it all worked out. So we’re gonna finish those off today. Click the pic and check out the bricks!

A lot of these knockoff Legaux sets come with brick separators these days. I love seeing their various weird designs. It’s like they have no problem bootlegging every piece Lego ever created, but they are all terrified to copy an official Lego brick separator. It’s a weird line, but that’s where they’ve drawn it.

It is exceedingly rare that I put stickers of any kind on building blocks, no matter how cheaply made they might be. But I might make an exception for this one. We’ll see.

Seems pretty clear what this is gonna be.

You can’t really tell now that it’s all put together, but that’s a clever little piece of design they did with the jack-o’-lantern mouth. These are not high quality enough for me to say that Hogokids Works With Lego, but they certainly have the distinction of being well thought out.

The pink nose and curvy black piece leads me to believe this is going to be a cat.

Interesting. I’m not positive I’ve seen a heart-shaped Lego element before.

What in the non-Euclidian nightmare fuck is this??

Is this what cats look like in China? If so, we should nuke that entire fucking nation IMMEDIATELY. This thing would have looked less unsettling if I just left the head off. At least that could be explained. Jesus goddamned Christ.

I didn’t know where this one was going…

…but I never expected a scarecrow. I like it!

Spider web piece. That means we’re either building a gasoline powered airplane engine, or a bug.

Yep. Smart money was on the bug.

No idea where this was going, either.

Holy shit, what a cool looking build!

As miniature animals go, this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Hands down the best I’ve ever built. This is a super cool design.

I could have guessed a hundred times and never figured out what this was going to be.

The worst werewolf ever built.


I didn’t know where this would end up, but I was guessing some kind of carnivorous plant.

Nope, it’s the weirdest witch ever. It’s like some kind of mutated chicken from the waist down.

I really thought this was going to be another black cat.

I was just one letter off.

I forgot to take a picture of this weird Frankenstein in the bag, but, really, do you feel you missed out?

Okay, last bag. I saved the heaviest for last.

Not bad. And we finally found where that sticker goes. You know what? What the hell. It’s Halloween. Let’s see how it looks.

Not too shabby! I kind of like this little build. And I’m pretty sure this sticker will come off with a minimum of fuss. But let’s not forget, it’s time for The Skull Of The Day!

Today’s skull actually came with our little tombstone scene. I set it aside because it is easily the tiniest skull I got this Halloween. And I love it!

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

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