Halloween 2023: October 28ᵗʰ – Monster Mash Remix

Now that my sense of taste and smell have returned and I’m not feeling like I’m going to cough up every single one of my internal organs, whatta ya say we finish up Halloween 2023? First up is a brand new monster cereal, Carmella Creeper! Click the pic and meet the new chick!

Last year I wrote about the prepackaged version of Monster Mash, the mix of monster cereals that we used to have to make ourselves. Well, General Mills decided to shake things up this year and add a new monster to their lineup.

Carmella Creeper is here to bring a long established Halloween treat – caramel apples – to the breakfast game. Besides Apple Jacks and Cheerios, I can’t think of another cold cereal that has dipped its head into the apple bobbing tub. Bold move, General Mills. I like your moxie.

As established in the official canon included on the back of the box, Carmella is Franken Berry’s cousin. I just thought you should know. But why don’t I just let General Mills tell you. Here’s her official bio:

Name: Carmella Creeper

Monster type: Zombie

Cereal flavor: Caramel Apple

Personality: Carmella is a cool, young and very capable young Zombie. She is Franken Berry’s long lost cousin, and she is back to help bring the rest of the Monsters into the 21st Century. She is a DJ and loves to host parties at the haunted mansion with her friends.

History & Fun Facts: Carmella is the first ever General Mills’ female Monster.

When you pour this cereal the smell of caramel is STRONG. So strong that I thought there was no way this could be any good. But this is a really great new cereal. There’s not a lot of apple flavor, which is disappointing. I was hoping for that. But the caramel and corn flavor work very well together. I can definitely see myself eating this again next year.

Of course, a new monster means a new version of the Mash is in order. So, befitting our new DJ friend, we have Monster Mash Remix!

But there is a problem. Just like last year’s Monster Mash, the Remix is only berry flavored. This is hardly complete if caramel, apple, and chocolate aren’t properly represented. Let’s give it a taste.

Right off the bat I absolutely love this color. That is the most Halloween looking breakfast since Kellogg filled their cereals with eyeballs. But what this really tastes like is just a milder Boo Berry. My loyal readers will know that Boo Berry is my berry favorite of the monster cereals, so I don’t have a problem with the flavor. But this is supposed to taste like a mélange. Fortunately, I was prepared for just such an event.

General Mills makes little single serving snack packs of the big three: Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Count Chocula. I had to use these to punch up the flavor of last year’s Monster Mash, and I made sure I had some handy this year because I figured I’d need them for Monster Mash Remix.

That’s better. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Monster Mash Remix (White-Label Remaster)! Not only did I add Count and Frank, I threw in some Carmella as well. It’s good, but I think I need to try again to dial this in. Carmella is a strong flavor and I added a bit too much. All in all, however, I’m happy with the result. If you’re going to try this at home there’s only one change I would recommend: use chocolate milk. Count Chocula is unfortunately kind of hard to taste in this mix, and some chocolate milk is the bass boost this bowl needs.

As an added bonus for your candy bag, General Mills released a couple of different versions of their own musical Monster Mash Remix. Check it out!

Monster Mash Remix - Carmella Creeper

But we’re not done yet! Today’s Skull Of The Day is Scare Glow!

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

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