Halloween 2023: October 27ᵗʰ – Old Gods Of ⱯppalachiⱯ

Earlier this year, Mark introduced the rest of us Sci-Fi Guys to Old Gods Of Ɐppalachia, a supernatural horror podcast that is sometimes set here in Kentucky, far to the east in the fictional coal fields of Alternate Appalachia. Click the pic, family, and learn more about it… if you’re prepared.

I could carry on telling you about the podcast, but why don’t I just let the creators tell you themselves…

Old Gods Of Appalachia is an eldritch horror anthology podcast set in the darkest mountains in the world. Our world is an alternate Appalachia, where these mountains were never meant to be inhabited.”

“Long before anyone lived in these hills, beings of immeasurable darkness and incomprehensible madness were entombed here. It was during this bygone age, when the Appalachians towered much higher and more menacing than the gentle slopes and ridges we know today, that they were conscripted after a great battle to serve as the final prison for those dark forces. But of course, time marches inexorably on. Eons passed and the walls of the prison begin to wear thin. And Things that slumbered soundlessly below for millennia began to stir and become restless.”

“They began to call to those who would hear them. To dig. To seek and find. To follow and serve. To keep this dark and bloody land for themselves and their masters.”

“Old Gods is set in an alternate or shadow Appalachia. Our stories pass through hundreds of years of its history. This world feels eerily similar to the hills and hollers we’ve grown up with, but there are some tell-tale differences. The names of towns and counties may be altered. Historical events slide forward or backward in time… resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental or the will of darker forces that we do not understand.”

Myself, Dan, and Mark – in order from left to right in the pic above – kicked off Halloween this year by attending a live performance of the Old Gods “The Price Of Progress” tour. It was a fantastic evening of music and fiction, all centered around the horrors and monstrosities of Appalachia; dark creatures and wicked people who use the hellish conditions of the coal mining boom to mask even darker evils.

The makers of Old Gods Of Appalachia have revisited a portion of that performance – a short sketch that was previously available only to people who attended select dates of the tour – as a new studio recording, released as a Halloween treat for all to enjoy. Dan, Mark, and I were fortunate enough to enjoy this live, and the tone of the live performance is captured perfectly here. Click the pic above to check it out, and if you like what you hear, go back and start from the beginning. There are four seasons of terror to sink your teeth into… or maybe let it sink its teeth into you.

Today’s Skull Of The Day is my new cookie cutter. This is just the sales pic; I haven’t made cookies with it yet. But as soon as I do I’ll share the results. Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

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