Halloween 2023: October 24ᵗʰ – Mutant Slime Pit

My affliction persists. And in honor of all the gunk I’ve coughed up, I give you the 2002 Mutant Slime Pit. Click the pic and let’s get sick.

Well, it finally happened. After four fucking years of dodging the viral bullet, ya boy caught the rona. I knew it was bad, but no one told me it was so fast. Thursday afternoon I was fine, and by 4 AM Friday morning I was bedridden. So there’s a reason my Halloween articles are coming slowly, and a reason that Halloween here at The Sci-Fi Guys will last a little longer than the 31st this year. I’m ailing. But enough about me. Let’s get to the goo.

Recognize this figure? Me either. That’s the Mutant Warrior from the 2002 version of the Slime Pit.

And this is the Mutant Slime Pit from the 2002 Masters Of The Universe reboot. I have no recollection of owning this, and based on the pictures I can certainly see why. It looks more like a dunk tank than the original Slime Pit.

I’m sure I found this thing on sale and planned to lampoon it, because it looks absolutely terrible. But that’s only a guess. The years have erased that memory. I don’t recall ever having even seen this Slime Pit in person. None at all.

Cool figure, though.

Although I don’t remember finding, buying, opening, or playing with this thing at all, the photos would suggest that I examined it in depth.

Apparently the Mutant Warrior came with little plastic organs you could put inside its body cavity along with a healthy helping of slime.

When you pressed a button – or whacked it with a sword – the torso popped open, spilling the guts and slime.

It seems like a pretty cool gimmick, one that any kid who is into such things would appreciate. I am baffled why I can’t recall a single damned thing about this.

When I made the decision to revive The Sci-Fi Guys, I had a lot of old unpublished material to look through. I still do. It will surprise absolutely no one that much of this unpublished detritus of my past revolves around Halloween. It was in one of those old Halloween archives that I found these forgotten photos.

This is my old floor in my old room, right by my old bed with my old things in the background. There is no denying that this is my Mutant Slime Pit. The only thing missing are my memories of it.

I can, however, see why I probably wasn’t very enthused with it. The instructions from the box make it look like a pretty lame mechanism. I can’t imagine I was very impressed with it.

It seems clear to me that I took these pictures for an article I was preparing but never wrote. But I can tell that I wasn’t very happy with this toy because I didn’t bother taking any pics of its slime function. And if this thing had amused me in the slightest, you can bet that I would have slimed something with it. Which brings us to our Skull Of The Day, which is also hails from that same day, way back in 2002.

Today’s Skull Of The Day is the original Horde Slime Pit! A few years back I wrote about the broken Slime Pit I fixed up because I can’t find my original. Sadly, these pictures are all I have left of my old Slime Pit. So join me in looking back on what was probably the last sliming it ever knew, with the perfectly Halloween compatible Mutant Warrior bone monster.

I will give Mattel this: they could not have chosen a better color to go with the original Slime Pit. This stuff looks great!

Here’s a little extra treat for your trick-or-treat pumpkin: I found scans of the “How To Care For Your Slime Compound” pamphlet included with the original Slime Pit. Enjoy!

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

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