Halloween 2023: October 21ˢᵗ – Bone Shaker III: Season Of The Witch

What do The Joker, Evil-Lyn, and Bigfoot all have in common? They’ve all snuck in to try and steal the spotlight from Bone Shaker! Click the pic to check it out!

Let’s just jump straight into this, shall we?

First up is Bone Blazers. Unlike Rat Rig, Mattel wisely chose to name this after Bone Shaker. After all, the resemblance is undeniable.

The skull is strong with this one. But it’s not the only element of Bone Shaker present here. The entire cab is a tribute to tha Shake.

The trailer is, too… kinda. Those “joints” are supposed to be bones. It doesn’t come across well in person, and it doesn’t really come across at all in photos.

The bone cage can come off to make the trailer into a flatbed, or you can lower the tailgate to fit a standard Hot Wheels car inside. It holds Bone Shaker nicely.

Bone Blazers comes in a variety of styles.

If you put Rat Rig’s tailgate down, it holds a Bone Blazers semi pretty nicely. Kind of makes me wish they had put a couple of small wheels on the tailgate so it wouldn’t drag.

Looks pretty fantastic, actually.

Now the gang’s all here.

One of these things is really not like the other.

This special Joker edition of Bone Shaker comes from a 2011 Dark Knight three pack, and is easily the most expensive Bone Shaker on this list.

This is just a great looking color scheme. Even if they had kept the skull, this would be an excellent looking car.

The shape of Joker’s face required changing the mold so that the skeletal hands no longer hold the headlights. But it doesn’t change the coolness of this car.

I was pretty mean to ugly-ass Bone Shaker in my last article. And it deserved it. This toy is a collection of terrible decisions. But it was part of a lot I bought. I wanted an ugly, disposable Bone Shaker, and as an addition I got this:

BOOM! It’s Bigfoot! If you were a child in the early ’80s, then you know that the fame of Bigfoot was unprecedented. No one was talking about monster trucks until Bigfoot came along, and once it did, monster trucks were everywhere. No one knew or cared about the driver; the truck itself was the celebrity. It even had its own Saturday morning cartoon.

BigFoot & Muscle Machines/Robotix Promos

No, seriously.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not Bone Shaker. But it is the original monster truck, and it’s named after an actual monster! Plus, it’s dripping with the nostalgia of childhood mayhem. If that doesn’t make it worthy of a mention in a Halloween article, well then… I don’t know. Whatever. Shut up.

I could have sworn I published an article about Mega Construx Hot Wheels. I even bought a Lego race car specifically for that write up. But I’ll be damned if I can find it. Anyway, when Mattel bought Mega Bloks, they released a number of Mega Bloks (now renamed to Mega Construx) crossovers, and they are still releasing Lego compatible Hot Wheels to this day.

I thought I could use a Mega Bloks skull piece to make my own Bone Shaker, but the design of this car makes it impossible for the skull to fit like I want. I’m going to come back to it later; I’m not giving up on this yet.

Oh, look, it’s all my favorite skull-faced action figures here to celebrate Halloween with us! Plus some more Mega Construx crossovers, this time from Masters Of The Universe. I found Evil-Lyn in my bedroom. I don’t remember how long ago I bought her or why I haven’t opened her yet, but I’m going to need her help with this next part. And I’m bringing Slime Pit He-Man along for the ride.

We’re building another Bone Shaker!

Okay, so I didn’t need her for all of this. This body uses the exact same design and brick set as our previous Mega Construx Bone Shakers. Only the colors have changed.

The reason I wanted to include Evil-Lyn is to highlight the difference between the Masters Of The Universe minifigures and the driver minifigures in the Hot Wheels line. The difference in size and articulation is odd and deserves discussion. Unfortunately every picture I have of them together is blurry and/or partially out of focus.

So just enjoy this pose from Eternia Motor Trend‘s Hot Rod Of The Year calendar. Bone Shaker will return later this month, but for now, it’s time for The Skull Of The Day!

Today’s Skull Of The Day is Twisted Tredz Bone Shaker! True to their name, the Twisted Tredz line includes custom sculpted wheels. As you can see here, Bone Shaker’s tires have been redesigned to incorporate a bone cage wrapped around the tire like snow chains.

The Twisted Tredz line also feature friction motors to keep propelling the toy after you’ve stopped pushing it. The combination of friction motor and redesigned tires is actually pretty impressive in practice. The flywheel is large enough to provide good power to the wheels, and the bone chain wheel design gives Twisted Tredz Bone Shaker the gripping power to roll right over other toys. It’s surprisingly effective, especially for a non-electric toy.

But the reason Twisted Tredz Bone Shaker is Skull Of The Day is the redesigned front end. Most versions of Bone Shaker stick with the more realistic human skull, but Twisted Tredz Bone Shaker was given a skull unique among Bone Shaker vehicles. It’s almost a cross between an alien and a jack-o’-lantern, while somehow also being an evil robot. For a Halloween article, that’s pretty much perfect!

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

Season of the Witch

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