Halloween 2023: October 2ⁿᵈ – Chris Loves The Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup Cool Off Kit

Because of their name, ghost peppers have become a default staple of Halloween novelty foods. I loves me some spice, so that’s just fine with me. But what kind of idiot would pay for soup merchandise that has nothing to do with Halloween and was originally given away for free, just because it has the word “ghost” on the box? I mean, who would do that? Oh, yeah, me. That’s who.

I came late to this particular party. This stuff has been out for a while, but I’ve just discovered it. And it is good.

Full disclosure: this stuff was so tasty that I ate so fast I forgot all about taking pictures. So these are stolen from other sites. And speaking of other sites, I’ve read other reviews speaking of how face-scorchingly hot this stuff is. Don’t believe the hype. It’s hot, there’s no mistake, but it’s not crazy hot. It’s what I like to call American hot. Middle class American white people hot. Which is also how I like to think of myself. You’re welcome, ladies. But it was also wisely made for mass consumption. Here in Kentucky you can’t get it in stores. But a recent excursion to North Carolina taught me that down south this is commonly available on grocery shelves. Cheaper than ordering online, too. But if you have to have it delivered, do it. It’s delicious.

Ghost peppers don’t really taste that great. Campbell’s was wise enough to work with that. You’ll notice that the primary pepper flavors are paprika and chili pepper extract. Ghost pepper extract plays backup, I suspect just for the heat. This was a good move.

So it turns out that way back in February, Campbell’s announced this stuff by giving away a Cool Off Kit to, I believe, the first five hundred contestants to sign up. It contains everything you need to survive something as hot as… well something hotter than this stuff. But it’s pretty fun nonetheless. I was able to snag one from eBay for our Halloween celebrations. Here’s what’s inside.

Warning card. I have never been able to figure out what this waiver stuff is about. Maybe you had to sign one to enter the giveaway. I don’t know, and I didn’t buy this thing to do research. Let’s get to the goodies.

First thing’s first, you get a can of Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle soup. But it’s in a flame shaped frame surrounded by LEDs. This is a pretty cute way to present a can of soup. The only way they could really have improved on this was by making the LEDs flicker like faux flame tea lights. But still, this is a pretty great feature.

Embroidered wristband. In case your soup eating hand gets to sweaty to hold the spoon.

A towel to dry your forehead.

And my personal favorite, a USB rechargeable multi-speed fan. This thing is not extraordinarily useful, but the fact that it is a three-speed fan that they took the time to print the Chunky logo on is fantastic. Little details like that make this worth the money.

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween goodness! Oh, and I’m implementing a new feature for Year Of The Skull: Skull Of The Day!

Yesterday’s Skull Of The Day is Edgar, our returning skull from last year.

Today’s Skull Of The Day is “Hill Of The Skull,” by Joe Satriani. Enjoy!

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Cathy Mains

Appreciate honest review and opportunity to know this awesome product. But; man, we are all about the beef we loaded into our freeze. Definitely adding ghost 🫑🌶️.

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