Halloween 2023: October 19ᵗʰ – Chris Wants To Show You His Organs

Maybe he means it dirty. Maybe he means it scary. But he definitely means to show you his organs. And he keeps them right here in these bags. Click the pic to peek inside. You know you wanna.

Chris’s organs are exotic. How interesting!

Chris likes to keep his organs separate and discrete. Until it’s time to take them out and play, that is.

Then Chris is free with his organs, and spreads them all over the place.

But when it’s time to play hard, Chris’s organs get big…

…and tall.

Chris doesn’t mind if you look. Chris’s organs are nothing to be ashamed of. He’s always happy to share his organs with someone new.

Thanks for checking out Chris’s organs. Now it’s time for The Skull Of The Day!

Today’s Skull Of The Day is Luminous Skull Man!

You get eight of them at once.

Four blue and four greenish-yellow glow in the dark plastic color. Luminous Skull Man’s glow in the dark legs are the same size as normal jointed click toys and can be used with them interchangeably. But his arms are a miniature scale that I’ve never seen before in a click toy like this. And only the blue arm segments glow in the dark. They are very odd.

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween treats!

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