Halloween 2022: Oct. 31ˢᵗ – Make-It Blocks Zombies

Dollar Tree is a nice resource for cheap Halloween decorations, but you can also get some spooky building toys there. Come on in and we’ll close out this Halloween season with Make-It Blocks Zombies!

So this is gonna be short and sweet. Okay, it won’t be that sweet. But it will be short.

I thought I took a lot more pics of these packaging and pre-built sets. But, nope. So enjoy some pics of the finished zombies.

Make-It Blocks also makes a series of little Lego City type builds. This sidewalk bench looks at home here in the cemetery.

Do these Work With Lego? No. No one is ever going to mistake these for Legos. The quality just isn’t there. But for a buck twenty-five, you get a decent little pile of undead bricks to play with. That’s hard to beat.

There are three different zombie faces, at least among the sets available at my local Dollar Trees. But swapping the hair around makes it seem like there’s a little more diversity.

The real star of these isn’t the zombies, it’s the tombstones, particularly the stone crosses. They look pretty great, and the brick quality is good enough to provide plenty of clutch. These things hold together pretty well, and should you decide to make your own cemetery scene, should last you through the Halloween season.

Okay, folks, that wraps up our Halloween coverage for 2022. We’ll leave you with a few Halloween memes we’ve seen around the innertubes this October. Happy Halloween!

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Oct. 4ᵗʰ – Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House, Episodes 1-7
Oct. 5ᵗʰ – The Body
Oct. 6ᵗʰ – Burmese Crispy Beans
Oct. 7ᵗʰ – The Ring
Oct. 8ᵗʰ – Werewolf By Night
Oct. 9ᵗʰ – Friday The 13th (2009)
Oct. 10ᵗʰ – Pumpkin Everything
Oct. 11ᵗʰ – A Very Pepsi Halloween
Oct. 12ᵗʰ – Monster Mash Cereal
Oct. 13ᵗʰ – Smarties Halloween Skinz
Oct. 14ᵗʰ – Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House
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Oct. 16ᵗʰ – Hot Wheels Slime + Cars
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Oct. 22ⁿᵈ – Smile
Oct. 23ʳᵈ – DOUBLE FEATURE! Cat People (1942)/The Fly (1958)
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Oct. 28ᵗʰ – Sonic Ghostbusters Toys
Oct. 29ᵗʰ – Hocus Pocus
Oct. 30ᵗʰ – Halloween Schichttorte
Oct. 31ˢᵗ – Make-It Blocks Zombies & Halloween memes

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