Halloween 2022: Oct. 28ᵗʰ – Sonic Ghostbusters Toys

I found out this afternoon that Sonic has Ghostbusters toys for Halloween! I managed to get my hands on four out of the five toys today. Click the pic and check it out!

Okay, so, yes, these are mainly spoons. But they have just enough play features that I can count them as toys. I stopped at Sonic, but I didn’t eat there. It occurred to me that, for as long as I’ve loved both Halloween and Warren Zevon, I have never gotten the signature dish from his signature Halloween song. So tonight I’m…

“…gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein.”

“…and his hair was perfect.”

Okay, enough nonsense. Let’s get to the Ghostbusters.

This is the Glow-In-The-Dark Slimer Spoon. I’m still letting it absorb the fluorescent light here at the office, so I’m not sure how well it’s going to glow. I’ll report back later.

This is the Proton Blaster Spoon. I dig the design here. The proton stream missile fits in the business end of the neutrona wand, while the spoon handle is a shortened version of the cable that leads to the proton pack in the bowl of the spoon. This is a clever design. And the spring is powerful, so the proton stream launches a fair distance. If your aim is constant for all ectoplasmic entities, you could really bust some heads… in a spiritual sense, of course.

“Grab your stick!” “HOLDIN’!”

“Heat ’em up!” “SMOKIN’!”

“Make ’em hard!” “READY!”

“Let’s show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown.”

This is the Stay Puft Straw Buddy. The spoons have playability, but calling this one a toy is REALLY stretching the definition of the word. It’s a drink decoration. A child’s equivalent of a wine glass charm. It climbs your straw like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man climbed 550 Central Park West.

I didn’t have any straws handy so I used a chopstick, but you get the point. It’s cool, but hardly a toy. I love it, but the kids might not. Compared to the other toys, it’s kinda dull. They could have at least slapped some paint on it. It’s a little one note.

Last up we have my favorite, the PKE Meter Spoon. The display is lenticular and features a video display as seen in The Real Ghostbusters. Above we see the friendly version of Stay Puft….

…and here we have the rage! The sliding thumb switch allows you to raise and lower the sensor wings as you see fit. If your kids have half as much fun with this as I have, it’ll be well worth your time in the drive thru. This would be PERFECT for small hands. This spoon alone might have overtaken the McDonald’s Halloween pails for my favorite fast food toy of the Halloween season. I love this thing!

Who ya gonna call?

There’s a fifth spoon, the Slurpin’ Slimer Spoon, that the Sonic I visited did not have. There aren’t too many Sonics in the area, so I may have a tough time finding this one. I can’t really tell from these pictures what the play feature is going to be, but as soon as I procure one of these I’ll let you know. Until then, play us out Warren…

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (Official Music Video) [HD]

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