Halloween 2022: Oct. 13ᵗʰ – Smarties Halloween Skinz

Smarties are great, but they’re so much better when you have to skin a Halloween mascot and pull them out of it’s broken corpse. Click the pic and we’ll crack some open!

This is the Skinz tag. Get it?

“Candy filled orb inside a creepy creature” pretty much says it all. These things have a plastic ball with two miniature Smarties rolls inside. You peel the rubbery skin off the creature then crack open the orb to get the sweets.

Because I was born after 1945, I have always lived in a world with Smarties. I’ve eaten Smarties. I’m betting you have, too. I’m not going to review them. They aren’t new to me. But this interesting packaging certainly is.

I usually don’t do cute Halloween. I don’t begrudge anyone their cutesy spooky time, but I’m more of a blood and guts Halloween man myself. I want to be unsettled. That said, these aren’t so bad. The bat is a bit stupid, but the spider is passable, and the jack-o’-lanterns are actually quite good.

If you’re looking for variety in the candy filling, avoid Halloween Skins. Each one of these guys comes with exactly two miniature rolls of Smarties, and that’s it.

The Skinz, on the other hand, are ethnically diverse. The interior orbs come in green, yellow, and purple, while the skins come in orange, purple and green. I didn’t see the need to buy one of each color, but be aware that each of the Skinz creatures can be found in all three skin colors. That splash of variety is what elevated this from merely clever packaging to something memorable.

It may not sound like much, but allowing kids to “customize” these to suit their personal tastes is a brilliant move. It makes the toys more meaningful to the child, and increases the likelihood of someone with a collector’s mindset buying enough to assemble every possible variation. Even I was eyeballing them, trying to figure out which orbs would look best inside which skins. And if I was serious about collecting them, the investment gets steep. Instead of buying one or two, if you want all possible combinations you’ll need twenty-seven. That’s $35.78 where I shop, which is a lot of money for a total of maybe $1.20 worth of cheap plastic, cheap rubber, and even cheaper sugar.

I’m finding it difficult to figure out how to assign these a numeric rating, so I’m just not going to. It’s my website, so I can do that. Anyway, you should check out Smarties Halloween Skinz, particularly the jack-o’-lanterns. I think you’ll dig them.

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