Halloween 2022: Oct. 11ᵗʰ – A Very Pepsi Halloween

Among other things, Pepsi owns Sabra, Naked Juice, Pearl Milling, Tropicana, and the Quaker Oats Company. As frightening as that is, none of those companies, not even Pepsi’s soft drink division, brings in remotely as much money as their most valuable asset: Frito-Lay. And while I don’t dig the formation of megacorps, I do appreciate that the overlords at PepsiCo deigned to give us two Halloween themed products this year. Click the pic to check ’em out.

Screamin’ Sriracha is an apt name. These things are HOT. Far hotter than any sriracha I’ve ever eaten. And they have an odd burnt taste. I’ve been told that some bags have almost no spice at all, and that was true of some of the chips in my bag as well. But the red ones brought the heat.

I wasn’t positive this was actually a Halloween product at first. The 1950s scary typeface was a clue, but that’s not a guarantee. But a quick scan of the back of the bag revealed the word “hauntings.” The Halloweeniness of this product is verified.

These aren’t great. I can’t imagine buying them again, but they were passable. If they were there and I was hungry, I’d eat some. 6 out of 10.

I don’t remember seeing VooDEW before, but apparently it’s been around since 2019. My not remembering it means nothing; I may have had it before, for all I know. I don’t trust my brain. But I do trust my tongue. And my tongue tells me that this stuff should be avoided if I value my health.

They ask that you submit guesses about the flavor to their website, but I’m going to post my guess right here: LIQUID DIABETES. This shit is unreasonably sweet. And it tastes like the smell of an open box of assorted fruit candy, but turned unappealingly sugary. I think if you’re looking for some unidentifiable syrup to drink you’ll find this quite acceptable. I do not. Unless you want to kill off a diabetic you don’t like, I really can’t recommend this stuff. It’s not sickening, but it’s not good. 5 out of 10. Do not buy.

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