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Apparently Volkswagen would not let the studio use the Volkswagen design for Bumblebee. My guess is that the script called for him to be a classic Beetle just like the original toy, and then he would get upgraded to the new model, kind of like what they’re doing with the Camaro. Apparently, Volkswagen didn’t agree. Funny; they didn’t seem to have too much of a problem with it back in the 80s, because Takara and Hasbro never paid them a dime to make a VW Beetle robot back then.

For decades, model and toy manufacturers never paid royalties, because the car and aircraft companies knew they were getting free advertising whenever a model or toy was sold. When something like Transformers or Hot Wheels came a long and hit it big, those toys were like little tangible commercials kids begged their parents to buy for them – commercials that would be cherished and remembered for life. Honestly, how many of us kids would really know or care what a VW Beetle was if Bumblebee hadn’t been one? Not me. I was never into cars, and I’m still not, but I can recognize the make and models of more Transformers from the 1980s than I can modern cars, and I don’t think for one instant I’m the only guy my age who can say that. The soon to be released new Bumblebee toy isn’t a Beetle, either, so there goes a whole new generation of would-be Beetle enthusiasts. Seriously, I think VW shot themselves in the foot with this one. Someone should’ve told them that the most valuable profits are rarely immediate. That’s what you get for letting your fucking bean counters make your marketing decisions for you, you German dickheads.

2021 Update: In the years that have passed since I published this article, it has come to light that, in blaming Volkswagen for the change to Bumblebee, I was 100% full of shit. Volkswagen had nothing to do with it. Michael Bay revealed in the special features of the first film that the change to Bumblebee’s vehicle type was his idea. Apparently the Volkswagen Beetle reminded him of Herbie The Love Bug, so he abandoned it. I apologize for my shitty reporting. But this is yet one more in the litany of reasons that Michael Bay sucks fuzzy donkey balls.

Anyway, the traditionalist in me is kind of sad to know that we’ll miss out on seeing a live action/CGI VW Bumblebee, but the entire rest of me is screaming “HOLY FUCKING LORD THAT CAR IS AMAZING, AND WHEN IT TRANSFORMS INTO AN ALIEN ROBOT WARRIOR I AM GOING TO COME IN MY PANTS!” Fortunately its screaming that inside my head, or else I’d probably get fired.

Also, early rumors about Optimus Prime being a fire truck have been dismissed, and the studio has apparently announced that Prime WILL be an 18 wheel semi. However, Bumblebee starts out as a 1971 Camaro and ends up as this concept version, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Prime didn’t end up being both. The Robots In Disguise toy series featured a fire truck Optimus, and its a stunning looking toy (and fucking HUGE – so big, I only own three 🙂 ). If Bumblebee switches bodies, I think it would be cool if Prime did the same, IF, and ONLY IF, his FINAL FORM is the 18-wheeler. That’s the Prime everyone knows and loves, and I think that’s how he should end up. But I personally would love to see that fire engine Optimus on screen. That toy was AWESOME. We’ll find out in a year what Prime will finally look like, but ’til then, check out some pics and comments from an extra who was on location for the shooting of the Hoover Dam scene at Superhero Hype!

IGN reports the Transformers trailer will likely be shown with Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, but may actually appear on the internet a few days before the movie premieres. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more excited about Pirates, but now I am absolutely STOKED! More on this here.

Transformers: The Movie: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD is coming in November 2006. Apparently the DVD will include never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews, interactive games, and collectible packaging. No info on whether or not Sony was able to find the long lost widescreen version of the film, but I’m guessing that’s never going to happen. If you wanna help Sony out by donating bits of trivia for the text commentary, click here; maybe you’ll end up on DVD!

To coincide with the DVD release, Hasbro will release the TransFormers Classics line of figures, which will be updated versions of the first generation of Transformers, inspired by the look and spirit of the original figures and characters. Hell yeah!

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But the new movie is being directed by Fabio-haired Michael Bay.

He tells his writers, “When you come to a scene with action, don’t waste your time. Just put ‘action’ and I’ll do the rest.”



I think, Chris, your expectations are probably too high for some one of Michael Bay’s less than considerable talent to live up too. He’s just not a great director. Not to mention the fact that they’ve made some rather “interesting” casting choices. When’s the last time Bernie Mac was in any movie with a remotely serious premise?

My biggest fear is that it’s going to be an onslaught of special effects cloaking a cheesy ass storyline geared towards prepubescent kids.


I went to the local cinema today and I watched Transformers. Reason 1, I love the cartoon 1986 version and reason 2 I wanted to review the film. The special effects were fantastic. The action was breathtaking to watch as the Transformers battle across our planet, the acting was excellent especiallly Shia LaBeouf. The director Michael Bay has directed movies such as Armageddon, Bad Boys and The Rock, and you’ll see tinges of the same sentiments in Transformers. He’s a big budget director and he added that special touch. I look forward to Transformers 2.

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