From The Archives: “World Of Tomorrow: School, Work And Play”

In “From The Archives,” we take bits and pieces of the old site, brush them off, and display them for historical interest. At least that’s what I’m telling people until I come up with something better.

The truth is I used to collect an INSANE amount of content for the site. More content than I could ever reasonably hope to post. Now that we’re getting back to business, I’m going through all this old stuff and realizing that I have no memory of the vast majority of it. I’m sure I had an article in mind for these images, but all I have is a folder full of unlabeled pictures. Past Chris left Future Chris precious few clues as to his motives. I really don’t know what I intended to write, but come on in and read it anyway.

So I’m not going to. A little research on these pictures has turned up even littler information. These are from a book by Neil Ardley. I think it was British. Some of these illustrations were made by Geoff Taylor, who is an experienced cover artist and illustrator for sci-fi books and RPGs. The rear cover is not Geoff’s, as he makes clear on his site. Unfortunately Geoff has listed the original works as lost, so these scans may be all that remains of his art.

If you want the book for yourself, you can get it here, but be prepared to pay much more than it could possibly be worth. Enjoy!

“The microchip shown here is magnified about one thousand times and is seen in stages of its manufacture before and after connections are made to its many components. Microchips like these will affect all our lives in all kinds of ways as we forge ahead in the future.”

At some point in the future math stopped working.

Here’s a little bonus: as I was looking for more information on this book, I came across a tweet by foone, who recognized a piece of art from School, Work And Play that had been reused elsewhere. Take a look!

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