From The Archives: Totally Looks Like may be gone, but I found a whole folder full of sci-fi/fantasy entries in the Archives. Come on in and check out the memes of yesteryear.

So, some of these are fairly dated. It looks like I burned the bulk of these images to DVD in mid-February 2009, but it’s anyone’s guess when I actually compiled the collection. As I’m sure will be the case with most of my From The Archives posts, I don’t remember much about them.

I’m also not sure if Totally Looks Like is still a thing. There’s a large repository here at Cheezburger, but the old Totally Looks Like URL doesn’t redirect there. I don’t know if it was an actual move, or maybe the folks at Cheezburger are like me and just gabbed a bunch of images they liked. In any case, at some point in the past I thought my readers would enjoy these, so here! Enjoy!

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