From The Archives: Facebook 2023, Part 8

The big 2023 wrap-up! A lot of these won’t make much sense to anyone but me, but I want them saved all the same.

This is the most ironic thing I’ve ever stolen.

And finally we have this collection of photos I uncovered from a flight I took to California in 2020, during the pandemic. The COVID scare was real, but not as real as the fear you encounter when, half an hour into the flight, every video screen on the plane glitches, the onboard computer crashes, then slowly runs a Linux boot sequence that took FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES. And that fifteen minutes, as you will see, were just chock full of error messages and missing files. I took these pics in case we crashed, in the hopes my phone might survive and provide some clue to what happened. Fortunately it didn’t come to that. Also pictured is a fearless airport bird that landed on the terminal chair across from me, stared me down, and basically dared me to say shit about it.

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