From The Archives: 2012

And that’s it, folks. Hi, 2023 Chris here, talking to you from the future. The screen shot you see above is all that’s left of the two measly posts that we had in 2012. If the text above is to be believed, the last article on the old site was published on May 5th of that year. The links to those two articles still exist, but it appears their content and comments have been lost to the ages. After this began The Dark Times…

The next eightish years of posts you’ll see on this site were collected from various social media accounts, correspondences, and even a few articles that were scheduled for publication but never completed. They paint a fairly comprehensive picture of what The Sci-Fi Guys were up to from then until April 17th, 2020, when, like a T-800 finding an alternate power routing, we came back online.

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