Episode Five Schedule

Episode 5: The Sci-Fi Guys Strike Back has its schedule posted. If you’re in Northern Kentucky watching cable on Insight, please check us out:

Channel 21
Tuesdays at 11PM
Thursdays at 5PM


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This is one of the best episodes that we have put out to date I think. This is due, in no small part, to the time and effort that Quentin put into the graphics and special effects. The light saber work is awesome, the effects are great and the opener is the BEST!

On another note I can’t get enough of that CAN guy that you all got from the internet…he’s awesome! Someone track him down and interview him for this show.


Mike Wilson

Is it possible for you to burn the shows on a DVD and mail them to me? I’d love to see them!


We’re working on that now actually. It’ll probably be about two episodes per disc, but there’re a few “glitches” I’m trying to work out before I get those out the door. Expect them within a couple of months though.

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