Episode 6 – “Warp 11″

The Sci-Fi Guys: Episode 6 – “Warp 11″ is finally completed. I just verified the finished DVD burn, and at a final running time of 28min, 48sec, we are ready for air! This is the first episode I have ever edited digitally (Quentin, if you ever stick me with editing again, I will KILL you), and is also the only episode to date that none of us are in; besides the opening montage there is not a single frame of footage of any of us anywhere in the episode.

The first half of the episode is about rock band Warp 11, whom as you all know, allowed us to use their song “Everything I Do (I Do With William Shatner)” as the show’s theme. This will help give them some exposure in the greater Cincinnati area, and is my way of saying thanks to them, their management, and lawyer(s) for all the help and leeway they have given me for using their material on the show, and never asking anything in return. Thanks Karl and the gang; you guys rock out with your Spock out.

The second half of the show is a tribute and memorial to James Doohan, who played Scotty on the original “Star Trek.” James Doohan passed away earlier this year, and this episode is dedicated to him as a goodbye from the Sci-Fi Guys, and also in memory and celebration of his life and work as his ashes are being prepared to be launched into space in early 2006. I hope to be able to send a copy of the show to his widow, who has always been appreciative of the support fans showed to James Doohan in his illness and final days.

Thank you all for everything you have done to help get this show finalized, even if it was just to watch the old episodes, or sit patiently as I yammered on about it. As always, and very sincerely, I appreciate every single one of you far more than you will ever know. Thank you all so much.

The show airs on Channel 21, Tuesdays at 11PM, Thursdays at 5PM.

Live long and prosper,

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