Kasey Kasem played the voice of Cliffjumper in the 1980s Transformers series. In the 1986 movie, Cliffjumper provided the pre-launch countdown before the launch of a critical shuttle mission. The countdown. It’s 28 years later, and I JUST got the joke. Well played, Mr. Kasem. And now, on with the countdown!

The scene is in no way played for laughs, and it’s in the beginning of the story, so it is in the midst of building tension and action. Trust me, I’ve seen this movie FAR more than any mentally healthy person ever should, so if anyone should be kicking himself it’s me. But I’m cutting myself some slack on this one, because the animation during this whole sequence is just so goddamned PRETTY. Your eyes really do kind of take over and you get pulled into the moment. I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I may actually love this movie a little more now. After almost 30 years, it’s given me something new to smile about.

My description here is for anyone who might read this and have no clue what the hell I’m going on about. I find it’s safe to assume whomever I’m talking to has never seen The Transformers: The Movie. You have no idea how many people in my presence have referred to that 2007 Michael Bay travesty as the “first” Transformers movie. And every time, I can feel the adamantium claws just aching to pop out.

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